Saturday, 14 January 2017

Getting my "House" in order

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I have an inner compulsion. Every time I was to embark on a new task or project in my life, I want to record it,.. share it... maybe it is my inner narcissist, maybe I am really a Millennial. But either way I think when I go into something I throw myself all in and then want to share the fruit of what I am trying to achieve... and there is a really good incentive in it. Accountability. I feel like if I share the journey I am more likely to stick to it. So, even if no one reads it, here lies the remains of my attempt to get my life and household in order. And what better time to start then after New year!?

This doesn't mean that this space will be turning into a housekeeping blog. By household I mean all the elements that make up my family life. The kids themselves, the house, the activities that we want to be a part of and the friendships and family that we want to sow into and grow. So I figure as the pre-planner that I am (but the poor follow through or finish up-er!), the best place to start is to break down the areas that need the work and then attempt to tackle them. I won't pretend that everything I come up with is my own ideas. I have spent lots of years reading and preparing and even trying the things that I am going to throw my efforts into this year. It is just now I want to make them a reality. I am sick of waiting for another day.

I know that I struggle to work out how much money we have left at the end of each month after the regular bills are paid. I struggle to keep anything back for savings to help us reach our goals (ie; to get the racing car fund going again!!!). I know that I struggle to get motor-vated to clean the areas of the house that will free me from sacrificing weekend after weekend trying to set things right again (Goodbye weekends down at the race track!). I know I need to get my butt into gear and be fit and healthy for the long haul (And so that I fit back into a race seat again... sadly there is a super-fats category but no super-fat race seats!). I also know that I need to start having fun and enjoying everyday life - and that includes time managing but also working on my attitude!

So here goes... I am going to road test some ideas, perfect some and create some resources to help and motor-vate others. This will be a bit of a dumping ground for these things so that over time one area or all of them might be shaped into something else... wouldn't that be awesome if through this I find a calling to help people in an area of their lives!? And ultimately I am hoping that it will serve and help my family. We desperately want to be back in the racing world but there is lots standing in our way. Between God and my effort in these areas, I am hoping that we can get back there one day!

So stay tuned for PART 1: Financial Dreaming...

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