Saturday, 14 May 2011

What we have in store...

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The Mama Motorsport blog has been an idea that has been brewing in my head even before I was married with kids of my own. I was a member of AWMN and Racer Chicks, but they were communities for women doing their own racing thing. I was at the time, so it didn't bother me too much. But I felt there was more needs out there that weren't being met. My mum didn't have anyone to turn to when she had freak-outs about me racing, or crossing the globe by myself. I also didn't know where to turn when I was faced with people telling me that I shouldn't bother working in Motorsport because I wouldn't get anywhere!

So, these needs have fuelled the upcomming posts that I will be writting or editing... mostly editing I hope! I am always looking for contributors who are more experienced than I to comment. So the list below is also open to comment and contribution by anyone who feels up to it!
  • Raising Racer Boys (Go-karts to V8 supercars and even F1!!!)
  • Raising Racer Girls (Same deal...)
  • How to deal with kids missing school and where you draw the line
  • Working in retail and services for motorsport while juggling family life
  • Budgetting for Family racing
  • Washing your racer's gear and doing it without putting their life at risk or having to buy them a new suit!
  • Sewing Pattern for Baby race suits (Just because I am also that way inclined!)
  • Guest spots by Racer's Mums detailing what it was like being their mums
  • Caring for a partner who is a racer
  • Caring for a partner who is a support person
  • How to be a Sports Psychologist 101
  • How to Juggle everything and not have a nervous breakdown, loose your house or your family
  • How to take babies to the track (Breastfeeding, solids feeding, naptime, etc)
  • How to turn your one-track mind racer man into the best birth support person
  • Fundraising and Charity
  • Administration and your approach to it
  • Rural racing
  • How to Travel with kids
  • How to stay organised at home and getting ready to go away
  • Kids of famous parents and how to grow them
  • How to relax on weekends off and encourage that!
  • How to diversify your kid's experiences and cultivate external interests
  • How to survive when you're married to the mob (ie; racing!)
  • Sponsorship 101
  • How to coach your driver 101
  • Driver training, when your racer learned on the track and tries to take that to the road
  • What women want - how the chick racers really want to be treated!
  • Juggling the wants and needs of our racers with our own desires to race
  • The greatest gift to our kids is...
  • Juggling more than 1 kid in the same sport
  • The psychology of a solo sports person
  • When things don't go to plan...
  • Supporting your children in moving internationally, with or without you
  • Life outside the spotlight, when Sunday is over for the rest of your life...
  • Managing the "retired" racer
  • How to make your child an F1 star... or is it how they make themselves one? Or how NOT to make an F1 star?
  • How life goes on even after they have put their car/motorbike/buggy upside down on their head...
  • Why Go-Karts isn't the only way to let your kids get into Motorsport
  • Dealing with disapointment, our own, our partner's and our kid's
  • Hand Eye co-ordination, the truth and the advantages
  • Depth perception, the truth and the advantages
  • CAMS and the female racer...
  • Where are they now? A look at Women in Motorsport through the ages
  • Age appropriate attitude adjustments for our racers (From the littelest midget to the biggest goof-ball!)
  • To Push or not to Push?
  • What is pushing in it's other forms?
  • On track and off Track behaviour and how to deal with them and their effect on each other
  • Does being grounded include not racing too?
And that is just to name a few!
So as you can see, there is PLEANTY of fodder for the fire! I also look forward to getting some suggestions from all of you too! :D Should make for some interesting reading!

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