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About Motorsport Mama

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Hi there - I am Kirsty, AKA "Motorsport Mama". 

I am a mum to Ayrton (Named for some obvious reasons, some not so
obvious...) and twin girls Asher and Emersea (named after Emerson Fittipaldi).
I am wife to Spud who is a race driver and race and rally mechanic.
I myself have worked as a driver, mechanic and race engineer in
Australia and overseas.

This is us when our little guy was just 2 weeks old!

This is us with a 3 year old Ayrton and 2 week old twin girls! 

Before I got shacked-up and knocked-up I was all about getting ahead
in motorsport and doing whatever I could to be in it (You can read about those exploits in my old blog "The Hundred Mile an hour Tape" ) . Then I met Spud and my roles shifted gears so to speak. It became less about me and
more about him and I moved more into a pure crew chief and sports
psychologist sort of job.

I have spent the last few years since having kids working on my business, blogging, working for a volunteer organisation and getting all these little people ready for the big wide world! There has been some motorsport thrown in there too, but with 1 income and so many children, it is not suprising that it hasn't been as much as we've wanted!

I started Motorsport Mama out of an interest for raising kids in this
sort of community, raising kids who themselves are racing and
supporting partners whilst they or I was racing or working in it...
We're a bit of a unique bunch and while I looked, I never found
something exactlly like this.

As it is a reality for us that our kids are going to grow up in this
sport, I wanted to be able to learn from other mums and women. I had
eavesdropped or been a part of a few conversations around Go-karts and
stuff like that which raised questions like "How does my kid explain
to his classmates that he is away 1 Friday out of every month because
of Go-karts?" and I wanted to be able to find answers to those sort of
things! So here I am...

Welcome to anyone else who is on the same path. I look forward to
learning from you and sharing! :D

My Race Resume
Lasts and Lasts Motorsport Team Owner
-Raced in 2004, 2005 and 2006 NSW State Championship in Formula Vee

-Class Winner in 2006 Nurburgring 3.5hr endurance race on Nordeshlief

-Represented Australia in German 40th Anniversary Formula Vee race of nations

My Engineering Resume
-Manufacturing Manager and Suspension Team for University of Wollongong Formula SAE Team - Australasian Championship winning Team 2004

-A1GP Team Australia Junior Race Engineer 2005/6 Season from NSW Women in Motorsport scholarship

-2007-2008 Engineer at Kinetic Suspension Technologies

-2009 Go-Kart Team Race Engineer

-2010/11 Curtin University Formula SAE Team Guest Lecturer

Husband: Spud - AKA: Mr Motorsport Mama

Recognise him? I wouldn't be suprised if you did! Spud has been around Motorsport since before birth (Most old racers would have known his mum Lesley too!). Through working with WA Motorsport and Dunlop Motorsport since a very very little kid, he grew up with tyre smoke in his lungs and grease under his fingernails...

After being Sprint Series State champion, he went on to Go-Karting, Motorkhana and working as a Race and Rally mechanic. He has worked in Tarmac and Gravel Rally as well as Japanese GT.

We met at Kinetic where he was working as one of their lead technicians. His job required him to test cars for a living... what a hard life, right!?

Now he is playing house with us, trying to get out and Go-kart, Race, and Crew Chief here in Perth and WA and anything else he can do... I love him! He is just plain GREAT! :D

So occasionally you'll hear from me... or him... or one of our many guest posters! :D

If there is something that you would like to read about or a question you'd like to ask, why not drop us an email?! Hit the "CONTACT" button at the top of the page!

Thanks for coming by! :D

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